Client Love

naomi and patrick“We could tell right away Janel was caring and inquisitive. She asked us the right questions about our expectations and needs for our birth as well as personal traits and how we view our couplehood. She put us at ease with her kindness, sense of humor, experience, and knowledge. During the birth, Janel was very much hands-on. She worked with my partner and I side by side. She demonstrated encouragement and diligence, and a knack for powerful and intuitive massage and different approaches to thinking about pregnancy and birth, letting go of expectations and being informed about our choices. Janel worked extraordinarily well with our nurses and providers, and she helped us arrive at our decisions rather than inserting her own views. Through our time together, she remained open to our processes, and she never stopped being supportive. We would highly recommend Janel as a doula, massage therapist, photographer, or even just as a birthing consultant. She brings so many skills together, and she collaborates so well. We could not imagine our pregnancy and birth without her. ” ~Naomi and Patrick

keita and fam“We are forever grateful for Janel. She has truly found her calling as a doula. Janel’s presence during Maxwell’s birth was so serene and grounding. We both felt that she was our guide. We could easily look to her for a calm, knowing glance of assurance amidst the chaos in the birth room. She will forever be a part of this magnificent memory”~ Keita and Lee

NB Clark (Allyson Michal)-22
“My husband and I are both so happy that we decided to hire a doula for the birth of our son. Having a doula there helped my husband in supporting me during the birth process; she was able to give him advice on what I was going through and how to help. While I was so pleased with the staff at the hospital where we gave birth, I’m not sure my husband would have had this kind of assistance without the presence of a doula, someone who knew him better and was watching out for our entire family. I was really happy that I had discussed my preferences with someone who knew me and could tell my comfort level at the hospital. There was a moment during my birth process when I was at a crossroads, and I really appreciated having a doula there who could see my indecision and help make recommendations how to proceed.
Specifically, we were so pleased with Janel through this process. I really felt like she understood my personality, and supported our decisions and preferences without any judgment. She was a calming and humorous presence, and took the time to discuss options and find what was important to us, making the experience much more personal.” ~Allyson and Josh