I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and have been actively practicing for the past 6 years.   I’ve studied Prenatal/Postpartum, Thai and Swedish/Deep Tissue massage. I provide in-home massage in  both Franklin and Hampshire county. Please see below for massage options:


Massage during pregnancy can be a great compliment to your prenatal health regimen. It not only soothes the muscles and helps to manage discomfort but it can also relax the mind. During a prenatal massage you are brought back into your body so that it can continue work with you throughout your pregnancy and during your birth.

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This general “Swedish” style massage is meant to induce deep relaxation by using smooth gliding strokes. In this massage we work on the superficial layer to loosen tight muscles throughout the body and release tension in both the body and mind.

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Deep Tissue 

A firm pressure massage that works deep in the muscle tissue to help relieve chronic pain and increase blood flow in areas of tension. This massage is similar in style to the Relaxation massage with a firmer and more directed pressure (without causing pain ;)).

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If you are a current birth client of mine and would like to include additional massages in your package (Note:  One is already included Birth Doula package), please contact me directly for a discount at: or call/text: 413-588-4075